Saturday, November 15, 2008

Heres a Question...#1

Every once and a while I'll postulate a question of which I dont have an answer:
according to the old testament:

1) on day 1 God created Light and Darkness..
on day 4 he created the sun?

2) which was created first, Man or animal...
In genesis 1:24 God created Animals first
In genesis 2:19 God brought animals TO Adam

Friday, November 14, 2008

Yes, Religion is Necessary!

A life without hope, systems, beliefs, desires, and direction is indeed a poor place. It is certainly not a world in which I would like to live. I enjoy the idea of life after death, eternal direction, and divine intervention…but simply have no evidence for its occurrences. Just because I don’t have the religious direction does not mean it is not true…nor does it mean it is. I think the idea of a god within everyone is a peaceful god, a god I would like to believe in. The inconsistency is too great and the evidence is too lacking for me to fully believe: But that doesn’t mean the science I love can answer everything. What’s more is that religion (other then the radical groups that thrive on killing) is a necessity for our way of life. Too many people have too large of an interest, if their belief would go so too would their peaceful drive. It is largely possible that “we” would resort to our archaic lineage and turn to savage ways… Whether or not there is an external god is irrelevant, it is the one inside you that dictates actions, and that god I personally like to call my conscientious. He is always on my side, and we love each otherJ.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who to Marry? I dont care.

I recently attended a lecture discuessing how important it is to Marry within your OWN religion. That it is unnecessarily complicating to the children and spouse. Sure, I agree that it is complicating, but is it unnecessary? For those with strict beliefs, there is clear benefit to this self thio-centric stance; but to those who find themselves more “open,” I would argue this is not the case. Perhaps this stems from my current dating situation (with a person of a different culture and religion). I would be lying if I said we never fought about our differences. In fact argument is common, but in the scheme of life these differences are quiet inferior. Compatibility is the foundation to marriage, perhaps some need the religious similarity to embrace compatibility…but as a species, I don’t think it should be seen as an absolute.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Religion is Good

There have been many horrible things to emerge in the faith of god (crusades, Holocaust,9-11...), but all-in-all, religion is actually a pretty benign process that does good. With the belief in god people have a purpose. We have reason to survive and lead a prosperous, meaningful life. I don't think anyone can argue that in fact the 10-commandments are universal laws that should be upheld by all. Whatever the motivation is for people to lead life is acceptable by most standards. (quiet the contrary if you say religion is the driving force into mass murder), but rather individually. Of course I am not mentioning here all the hate that emerges in the face of religion, that will be for next post. Obviously this world would be a different place without the belief in god. I wont comment whether I feel it would be better or worse, probably a little bit of both. I enjoy the thought of people maintaining behavior for the desire to enter heaven. Just because I don't believe it, doesn't mean I want my wallet stolen...If that belief prevents 1 theft, 1 murder, 1 rape, perhaps it is a good thing, for the unknowing victim.

There can be only 1

How can we all be right. Clearly if the Romans were correct in their religious views 2,000 years ago then all of today’s views are wrong. This seems to be the main fallacy of religion today; there is no evidence that proves any one group to be correct. We all know of Dr. Seuss, (perhaps this is an insensitive example), but we all have our favorites. I like “Green eggs and Ham,” someone else might like “The Cat in the Hat.” I would be interested in figuring out why a Christian is so much more convinced he is correct than a muslin, Jew Buddhist, or Sikh. I think the only answer is Faith, this is what the book says, so it has to be true. Perhaps it is/ I think this is a great responce by Richard Dawkins on the matter

Monday, November 10, 2008

Introduction (November 10, 2008)

Welcome to the “Bracing Truth” Blog. This site will be explore the vastness of religion and that of atheism (or agnostic as I will refer to here-on-out). Both the religious and non-religious have substantial claims of miracles. Whether the concept of divine creation, or evolution each in its own respects is incredible. Is there really a God, an intelligent being who created all the heavens and the earth? Are we descendants of monkeys? These are the questions that influence many peoples way of life, cultures, beliefs, and traditions. I will try to keep this as objective as possible, but as a forewarning, it will be biased to the scientific perspective.

“In the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth,” this common line is the first line in the Old Testament. As common as it might sound I find it difficult to believe that we (as humans) are so self-pretentious to assume the beginning of all was with the creation of the earth. Science has proven more ways then not that the universe vastly precedes the Formation of the earth. The explanation of a divine creature 5000 years ago is a wonderful explanation for the ways of earth. In the times before science this religious view was phenomenally popular (understandably so), but now, today in 2008 quiet the contrary is true. Science has given us proof and EVIDENCE for the formation of earth, occurrence of human, why bad things happen to good people and vice versa. How can our life be dictated by God. I say his work of earth would be a failure if it was in-face created by something so advanced complex and superior to us.So I'll ask why God... There seems to be so many other explanation's to our world, but God by far is the easiest and simplest, yet most implausible. The Romans, Greek, Jews, Christians, Buddhists to name a few all have their. Next post will investigate coexistence of the many religions.